MOTOTRBO Bluetooth

Every day, you rely on your radio. It’s your communications lifeline. It keeps you productive, connected, and safe. With integrated Bluetooth, it can change the way you work, no matter where that work takes you.

Keeping Students Safe

Armed with a wireless Bluetooth Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner, school administrators efficiently identify students boarding buses for a field trip by scanning the RFID tag on their IDs. The data is seamlessly sent back to the main office computer via their Bluetooth-enabled digital portable radios, compiling a real-time attendance list so the school and bus company can track those students – and ensure their safety – until they return to school.

Delighting Hotel Guests

As the head of hotel guest services, your job is to delight guests, a job made easier with a MOTOTRBO SL Series portable radio with integrated Bluetooth technology and a Motorola Operations-Critical Bluetooth wireless earpiece.

Leaving the radio on your desk, you can walk up to 30 feet away, push a button on your earpiece, and instantly get a status update from employees in the ballroom setting up for today’s event. No wires. You’re free to move comfortably throughout the day, connecting with staff discreetly and efficiently.

Restoring Power

Your utility repair crew braves a severe thunderstorm to reconnect a power line downed by a tree. Their status reports sent through their Bluetooth earpiece while suspended high above the road still can be heard clearly, despite the driving rain and howling wind. No wires or hands required.

Bluetooth technology has transformed the way we communicate and transfer information in both familiar and new ways – via our mobile devices and computers, cars, and wireless earpieces and accessories. For business-critical operations, integrating Bluetooth data and audio capabilities into a two-way radio creates a perfect match for advanced technology, customer insights, and engineering. When paired with our new MOTOTRBO digital radios, it allows you to cost-effectively track remote assets and extend your business reach – all while saving time, money, and resources. Integrated Bluetooth audio and data make hands-free, intelligent, wireless communications possible in industries from manufacturing to hospitality.

How it Works

Bluetooth technology relies on short-range radio frequencies to deliver wireless, hands-free connectivity. When integrated into a single device, it eliminates the cost and need for an external dongle. Our solutions support an open standard, including the latest Bluetooth protocol. This makes it easy to deploy off-the-shelf Bluetooth devices.

Motorola’s next-generation MOTOTRBO radios function as an “access point” between a Bluetooth-enabled enterprise device and a specific application, such as printer software or an inventory database. This allows a wireless barcode scanner, mobile computing device, or printer to use our radio Bluetooth version 2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Specification, class 2, 10-meter range to send real-time data back to a PC or central operations center, so a delivery driver can confirm receipt of a package and a public works crew can track assets in the field. And unlike other Bluetooth data devices that have only an light-emitting diode (LED) indicator to confirm transmission, data notifications from our system are easy to confirm with alerts and notifications clearly received on the MOTOTRBO radio display − even at night with our innovative day/night color display modes.

Bluetooth Profiles

The latest MOTOTRBO SL Series portables, XPR 7000 Series portables, and XPR 5000 Series mobiles support four unique Bluetooth profiles:

  • Headset Profile (HSP) — The most common profile allows a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) headset or one of Motorola’s Operations-Critical Wireless earpieces to wirelessly connect to the radio acting as the device’s audio input and output mechanism.
  • Personal Area Network (PAN) Profile — Supporting a PAN access point, MOTOTRBO provides IPv4-based networking capabilities for connected Bluetooth devices (e.g. PC).
  • Serial Port Profile (SPP) — The radio provides pass-through serial data transport for connected Bluetooth devices (e.g. scanner, PC, etc.) to a remote IP destination or locally connected radio peripherals (e.g. option board).
  • Motorola Serial Port Profile — Motorola’s proprietary protocol over SPP supports fast Push-to-Talk (PTT) press/release detection over Bluetooth SPP for transmitting microphone (e.g. headset or radio microphone) audio.

A Perfect Match

Drive operational efficiencies, keep field workers more productive, and eliminate paperwork. The integrated Bluetooth data capabilities of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO radio system will help your existing communications system do more – for less. How? By leveraging the wide area network for data transmission, you avoid incurring the additional charges associated with using a cellular network for data. With data charges on the rise, this adds up to significant savings to your company’s bottom line.

When connected to wireless peripherals, MOTOTRBO allows workers to work smarter. Paired with a wireless RFID scanner, a public works crew can use their radio to easily track mobile assets housed on service trucks or inventory stock in the warehouse, immediately alerting the main office when supplies are low and need to be reordered. That same technology ensures an airport ramp worker can quickly send time/date stamp information on baggage status via Bluetooth to his radio and then send that data back to the office to verify its delivery location.

Integrated Bluetooth turns your radio into a more powerful, productive communications tool.

Audio and Data with Intelligence

More flexibility. Greater freedom. Industry-leading audio. You get them all when you pair a MOTOTRBO radio with Motorola Operations-Critical Bluetooth accessories. With Bluetooth capabilities integrated into the radios themselves, you no longer need any additional devices, such as a dongle, for pairing a Bluetooth headset or accessory to a radio. In a few simple steps, the radio can find and connect a Bluetooth-enabled device and is operational within seconds.

MOTOTRBO radios support a wide variety of Bluetooth accessories but are significantly enhanced with the addition of Motorola Operations-Critical Earpieces. Ruggedly reliable and Bluetooth-certified, our portfolio offers a variety of earbud and earpiece options, along with a wireless PTT pod you can put in a pocket or under your coat and link to any earpiece. Motorola’s earpiece uses Bluetooth 2.1 Secure Simple Pairing, so it automatically pairs when you power the radio and earpiece on. Lightweight, comfortable, and durable enough to support your busy workday, it provides exceptional audio in loud environments and extended battery life for long work shifts.